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Where do I start if I dont know what I want?

The start can be the hardest part if you don’t know what you want. The best way to start is with your theme and if you have any specific flowers you like. From there I would suggest Googling, looking on Pintrest and Instagram searching for bouquets that have those key words (for example if you have a green and white colour theme search “green white wedding bouquets”). Save EVERYTHING you love/like. The more photos you collect, the better! You may look back on your photos and feel that you can’t see anything similar. But trust me, your florist will. It’s a great way to approach a florist. Really it’s the best way. It gives the florist a better understanding of what your eye likes, and he/she should be able to show you what you like as well. From all these photos you're florist should be able to create something you love. Any more questions? - Just send me a message (Monique - Budding Moments)

Do I need to know flower names?

NO! That’s not your job. That is your florists job! When it comes to your wedding you shouldn't have to learn the name of every flower you want, that is your florists job. Your florist should be able to communicate with you in a way that is easy to understand. Photos speak the flower names for you, all you need to do is point (Or do a quick Google). Any more questions? - Just send me a message (Monique - Budding Moments)

What if the flowers I want are out of season?

If the flowers you want are out of season the florist should provide you with a few different options of substitute flowers. You will be surprised at how many popular flowers have lookalikes out there! The other option is silk. Now the world of silk flowers have come along way. So many silk flowers (if you pay the price) look just about real. Using high quality silk flowers and mixing them with fresh flowers. You wouldn't even know the difference between the silk and fresh! Any more questions? - Just send me a message (Monique - Budding Moments)

How much will my bouquet cost?

The pricing of a wedding bouquet is based mainly on three things: the type of flowers, quantity of flowers and the style of the design. - Flower Price - Different flowers can price dramatically for example some flowers price at just $3 per stem and others can price all the way up to $20 for just one stem. Your florist should be able to chat with you and explain what you can add in or take out of your designs to fit your budget and needs. - Quantity - The Quantity of flowers obviously effects the price. If you are after a massive and dramatic bouquet you're not going to get it for the price of a classic traditional posy. It is important to be clear with your florist on how big or small you want your bouquet to be. - Style - Yes even the style effects the price of your designs. Florists have to work out prices based on how long it will take to create a design. Some designs need to be fully wired (each stem cut off and replaced with a wire) to achieve the desired effect. Fully wired bouquets would price much higher than a bouquet on natural stem because of the time needed to place all stems with wires. Your florist should be able to explain to you how your bouquet (and any other design) will be constructed and how that may effect the price. Any more questions? - Just send me a message (Monique - Budding Moments)

More questions and answers will be added soon! 
If you have a question please send us a message. Monique will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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