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My Two Love Affairs Of 2017

January 20, 2018

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My Two Love Affairs Of 2017

January 20, 2018

While contemplating my first blog for 2018 I couldn't stop thinking of the year that just pasted. I guess It was my first full year (from January - December)  of running Budding Moments, and ohh what a year! A year that took me on a yellow brick road of adventure! I reminisced back to the breathtaking flowers, unforgettable moments and wonderful people I had met. I felt right to start from day dot… 


You see, when I first established Budding Moments it was because of one beautiful wedding. Chrissy and Daniels Wedding. Chrissy was a family member of a family friend (what a mouth full) and she was simply beautiful (inside and out). There will always be a special place in my heart for her wedding flowers, a representation of where it all began (October 28th, 2016.) 



NOW jump to 2017. 

I had an overwhelming number of enquiries after Chrissy and Daniels Wedding day. Some booked in and others didn’t. It was over those first few months of 2017 where I realised how much I loved consultations. Meeting beautiful people and finding out who they are and what I could create for them. I created so many contrasting designs over the past 12 months, all incredibly beautiful in their own right.  But some always stand out more than others, last year two captured me whole heartedly. 


I don’t like to be biased, but these two weddings have just stuck with me. Two sets of bouquets that I wanted to selfishly keep for myself instead of rightfully giving to the brides. I can’t put my finger on why I love these wedding flowers so much, but I think sometimes something just speaks to you. The art of flowers is so much like painting. Some you love, some you don't mind and some.. well, we all have our own taste!


The first was at the start of 2017, March 12th. A sunless day with a touch of rain was brightened by the celebration of Carolyn & Ben's love (how beautifully cheesy). Carolyn’s bouquet was big, and I mean BIG. I could only just fit my two tiny hands around the stems of the bouquet. When ribboning up the stems my hand started crumbling under the pressure and cramping. Its safe to say I had to call in assistance. The breathtaking bouquet consisted of a mix of 7 different types of Roses, Brunia, Green Privet Berry, Olive Foliage, Astrantia, Eucalyptus globulus Foliage (White Gum) and Eucalyptus populnea. The colours and textures just sing together beautifully. The bouquet suited Carolyn perfectly. And I fell in love with it, unwilling to let it go.



The second wedding was closer to the end of 2017, October 13th. Kama-Lee & Adam’s Wedding day which was also blessed with a spot of rain on a special day! Kama-Lees bouquet was also BIG and beautiful. Pinks…. Pinks, whites and a lot of Eucalyptus! It featured my very favourite flower, the Ranunculus. And you couldn't miss the King Protea that looked bigger than Kama-Lee herself in some photos. It seemed almost magical, out of a Disney movie or something! The way the Eucalyptus fell and the sheer size of the King Protea. The way the Geraldton Wax, Leucadendron, Ranunculus and Astilbe created such a subtle yet bold statement when looked at from afar. It simply sings to me. I couldn't have picked a more perfect bride for it to be held by either. Kama-Lee just suited it perfectly, it was an extension of her unique personality and kind heart! 



I feel a little piece of my heart leaves with each design I create, but more so each Brides Bouquet. So much time, thought, love and attention to detail go into them and they do become something so special. When dropping off flowers I tear up almost every time. So much work goes into creating these beautiful designs and to see the Brides face on the big day makes everything all the more special. 


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