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Please note that all T’s and C’s are agreed upon as soon as you place your deposit. 

FREE Consultations 

Considering Budding Moments is a studio based florist we generally travel out to couples for consultations. 

Once a estimate is issued we offer a opportunity for you to place a deposit to secure your date. 


During your consultation we welcome any pictures, colours, mood boards, and fabric samples – anything you have and would like to bring to help us gain a clear understanding of the style of your wedding. We believe a personal consultation to be the most thorough way to quote/estimate for your wedding. 


This is an in depth consultation where all the items required for your wedding are discussed including colour themes, style, delivery, booking and payment, they will provide you with professional advice and opinions during this time. You are more than welcome to call or email at anytime with any changes or queries you may have. A final appointment/consultation can be made between 5 - 7 weeks prior to the event date, should one be required. 

The Quote Process 

Your quote for wedding flowers from Budding Moments is valid for 30 days. This timeframe is determined by the date stamp on the original email you receive with your quote attached.

On the date that you receive your wedding flower quote, your wedding date is available for booking. Please be aware that bookings quickly fill up, especially at peak seasons. We request that you email or phone to ensure your date is still available before payment of your deposit. We accept no responsibility if you have a valid quote and wish to book, but your date has become booked out. Bookings will not be held without a deposit.

A 20% non-refundable deposit and the return of a fully completed and signed “Quote Acceptance” form at the end of this document is required to secure your date. Upon accepting the quote, you agree to ALL the items listed on the quotation. This is applicable to all wedding quotes (packages, altered packages and other quotes). The deposit is credited toward the balance of your wedding flowers. The remaining balance is required in full, 30 days prior before your wedding date.



Cancellation of the wedding/function date:

Should you need to cancel your booking, you will need to notify us in writing as soon as possible. We are happy to offer to transfer your booking to another date, subject to availability, with a minimum of 60 days’ notice. Cancelations after that time frame ie: 60 days from the date of the wedding, will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations 2 weeks prior to the wedding date are required to be paid in full by the due date. No monies paid will be refunded.

Cancelling part of your order:

Cancellations of part of your order 3 months or less prior to the date of the function will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the total value of the order including GST of the portion that has been cancelled.


Postponing the wedding/function date:

Should you need to change the date or postpone the date of the wedding; you will need to inform us in writing. Should the “new” date be available, we will confirm with you in writing. Should the date not be available, you will forfeit your deposit.


Reducing /cancelling items on quote:

Upon accepting the estimate, you are accepting the items and agreeing to the value listed on the estimate. Should you need to reduce or cancel items, we are happy to do so, However, no reductions can be made from sixty (60) days prior to the event. Please also note that the final total may not be reduced by more than 10% of the original agreed upon estimate.


Flower Selection

Budding Moments provides a detailed estimate that outlines the type of flowers that will be used in your wedding flowers. We understand that in most cases you will see flower names you are not familiar with. We HIGHLY recommend that you make yourself familiar with the flowers outlined in your estimate. You can do this via Google or by contacting or coming into our store and we are happy to assist you with this process - in most cases we may have samples to show you or will happily assist you in any way. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware and happy with the flower breakdown BEFORE accepting the quote.


Where photos have been provided by the client, and inserted into the estimate – these images and flowers within the images are used as a guide only. Please be aware that a lot of web based images are edited and colour altered to make an attractive picture – not all the colours are a true reflection of what Mother Nature creates.


We do not replicate other florist’s work exactly and as we are working with Mother Nature, we are not in control of seasonal changes or availability. Budding Moments will endeavour to reflect the style, colour and shape as detailed in the estimate and pictures to the best of our ability. It is important that the Client understands that individual flowers, bouquets and arrangements all vary to some degree. Their individuality is what makes them unique for you alone.

All attempts will be made the colours and types of flowers and materials requested. However, please understand that flowers and other floral materials are seasonal and that seasons vary. Sometimes the items requested are not available. Substitutes will be similar (as close as possible) for flowers and floral materials, and if they are significantly different contact will be made with the bride to seek any further instructions.


Please not that a lot of floral material is imported from overseas countries and therefore can be unpredictable. Substitution decisions are sometimes required to be made quickly – due to air freight, supplier and transportation requirements. Budding Moments reserve the right to make substitution decisions based on the prior conversations and emails with the client, and use our knowledge of the clients overall theme and colour scheme to provide a substitution that maintains the overall look and style the client wishes.

Budding Moments also reserves the right to substitute a requested flower with another of similar design, colour and equal value, should circumstances beyond our control require so - and also if such products do not meet Budding Moments high standards of product quality.


Sample of fresh flowers

We are happy to provide sample of flower types and colours, if necessary, at a fee which is to be confirmed at the time of the request. The client will be charge for full grower bunches as required to be purchased by us, including freight costs and GST. We will only provide this service after you have a confirmed booking with us. The purchase of the sample flowers should ideally be done at a time when the flowers used for your date as in season.

This cost of the purchase of sample flowers does not include any “mock ups’ or arrangements. Should you wish to have this done and price will be quoted in writing.


Sizing guidelines

Where measurements have been provided for bouquet and floral arrangements, this sizing is a guide only. Floral arrangements and bouquets are created using flowers that vary in size and shape throughout their natural season. This can affect the sizing of the products we provide, making bouquets and arrangements slightly smaller or larger. Budding Moments accepts no responsibility for variations is size.


Refusal Of Service 

Budding Moments reserves the right to decline any order.


Deposit/Payment options are listed on the initial (and subsequent revisions). A Tax Invoice is issued at the time of booking, to complete your payment with us. Should your final payment not be made on its due date as per your quotation, we reserve the right to cancel your order effective immediately with no refund on any deposit paid.



Dialog regarding a dispute with any wedding/event order will only be entered into within 24 hours of the wedding/event.

            Location: Perth WA​     Email: info@buddingmoments.com

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